At present, the total output of metal materials in the world is about 800 million tons, of which steel accounts for about 95%, which is the main body of metal materials. In the recycling process of scrap steel, the most common forms of shearing, packing, crushing, sorting, cleaning, preheating, etc., make the scrap steel finally form a high-quality charge that can be used by the metallurgical industry. Different treatment methods are used depending on the different forms, sizes and degree of contamination of the waste as well as the recycling use and quality requirements.

The shearing process is mainly for cutting steels, shafts and various large metal structural parts whose length exceeds a certain size.
Container shear:
1. One-piece design, convenient transportation, no need to install;
2, fully enclosed feeding, high safety performance. Use the oversized feed port to deliver the material;
3, PLC automatic fast cutting, unmanned operation, low cost and high efficiency;
4, small footprint, low site requirements, no special foundation required.

Also known as packaging. Mainly for bulky pipes, containers, light and thin materials, loose materials, powders, etc. The purpose is to reduce the volume, facilitate loading and unloading and transportation; the second is to obtain high-density blocks to facilitate the steel making process.
Mobile metal baler:

The mobile metal baler is mainly used to package all kinds of low-carbon light-weight production and domestic scrap steel, scrapped automobile and steel light metal structural parts into scrap steel blocks. It is a steel mill, non-ferrous metal smelting industry, precision casting industry and raw material production. The ideal equipment for manufacturers.

It is to break up large pieces of scrap steel and associated accessories into small pieces or small particles to facilitate the separation of waste. There are two types of crushing methods: mechanical crushing and physical crushing. Mechanical crushing is the use of various crushers.
Scrap crushing line:
The scrap crushing line is used to process the scraps of scrap car bodies, tinplates, old household appliances, bicycles, empty cans, etc., making it a superior steelmaking raw material. Through the continuous pulverization of the machine, the coating film is removed, the bulk specific gravity is increased, the explosion is prevented when the electric furnace is thrown, the dissolution rate is increased under a certain state, and the requirements for the "fine material entering the furnace" of the steel mill are satisfied.

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